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Advent TakeOut Family Kits Have Been Delivered!


Advent Began on November 29, 2020.

Prepare your hearts and homes

for the birth of our Savior 

with a box of joy from our 

TUMC Children's Ministry.  

Supplies List/Kit Includes: 

Cardboard box to decorate as gingerbread house

Candles - 1 pink, 3 purple, 1 white and Advent Candle Lighting Reading (See below)   
Sugar Cookie Mix (See Recipe)
Advent Calendar/Jesus' Family Tree
Music and Sheets for More Than a Baby Song  (Click for MP3 Audio)
Hot Cocoa and Bag of Treats

Advent is our purple season when we prepare for the arrival of Jesus! An Advent wreath can help you get ready. Build a wreath with your kit and follow along below on each Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve:

First Sunday – Nov. 29, 2020: Light the first purple candle and pray: God of Hope, thank you for giving us HOPE.  Help us hold on to hope throughout the Advent Season and the coming year. Amen   ~ Blow it out!

Second Sunday – Dec. 6, 2020: Light the first and second purple candles and pray: Faithful God, thank you for loving us so very much. Help us to love others and to love you at the same time as Jesus commanded us to do to build our FAITH through service to others. Amen ~ Blow them out!

Third Sunday – Dec. 13, 2020: Light the first and second purple candles and the pink candle, and pray: Joyful God, thank you for JOY. Help us to grow joy all around us.  Remind us to laugh and share our Joy in You with others.  Amen ~ Blow them out!

Fourth Sunday – Dec. 20. 2020: Light all purple and pink candles, and pray: Peaceful God, thank you for PEACE in the storms. Help us be peacemakers in a world that needs a lot more peace. Amen ~ Blow them out!

Dec 24th Christmas Eve: Light all purple and pink candles and the white Christ candle, and pray: Living God, thank you for coming to us as a baby. Help us to live with hope, faith, joy, and peace. Amen ~ Blow them out and shout MERRY CHRISTMAS!