A Copy or The Original

A Copy OR the Original

      Over the weekend I took a break from some of the basic stuff I was doing at home - laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing - and decided to do a little sewing....nothing fancy though.  As the Journey to the Resurrection would have been presented almost two months ago, I am reminded of it each time I go into my office...the Marketplace is still there in the gym.  And I've mourned over the opportunities our guests missed to visit it, but I believe God will still put a plan into place to reach them in some other way.

      I had brought home one of the benches used in the Marketplace and some material used to cover them.  Every year we pin them together and every year I think we ought to just take the time to sew some, making it easier the next year and saving a little time during set up when it's time to get them out of storage and covered.

     I am not a master seamstress by any means, but I thought how hard can it be to put a bench cover together.  I spent about an hour getting the first one just right and then figured the others would go pretty easy...it took about another hour to do the next three and then I switched material.  I cut the pieces and started again.  But something didn't quite match up.  The ends were turning out to be longer than the sides and were not the same length as they should have been.  Into the third cover made of the other material, I realized what had happened.  I thought I was cutting the end pieces from the original piece, but somehow ended up cutting each end from a copy and not the original.  Actually, it just didn't happen (like Aaron said the golden calf came out of the fire when the people were in the wilderness - Exodus 32); no, I was using a copy each time and though I was allowing for a little leeway when I cut the material, it was longer than the leeway when I was using the original.  The result - well, don't look closely - I had to fold, and angle, and re-sew some of the ends.  Getting away from the original left me a little more confused and frustrated, and took a little more of my time than I had planned it to take to accomplish this task.

     The Journey event itself is not the original - it is a copy of the greatest, most original story ever told on earth.  Fortunately for us and our guests who have had a chance to visit it, our God is the one who takes it and uses it for His purposes.  Only He knows all who have been touched by Him through it.  It brings to mind this passage in Ephesians 5:1-2:

 "Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."

      There are many people who have come and gone through my life's journey that I would consider worthy to be called saints.  I have looked at them and thought at times, wow, I ought to be more like them; I could never measure up.  I know I am not perfect and have failed on many occasions to claim an opportunity that God has placed before me to help another or share my faith with someone.  And at times I look at where I have fallen short and not matched up to how those "saints" lived or are living their lives.  Then I am reminded ...look to the Original...the one who gave Himself up for us...and sacrificed Himself for us...for me...for my sins.  There is no one else to look for above or beyond Him.  Jesus is our standard...my standard by which to live...and when I fall short...and even before I ask for forgiveness...He is the only one who can say, "I did it for you."

     May we know the depth of such love, Love that desires to draw us to Himself.  May we remember that while we don't match up to the Original, that He loves us anyway.  He doesn't wait for us to change and become perfect.  He did it for us while we were still imperfect and falling short of the glory of God.  Thank you, Jesus!  In His name.  Amen