Trinity K.I.D.S.

Kids. In. Divine. Service.

Children hold a special place in our hearts at Trinity United Methodist Church. We believe that, despite their small stature, our children have vital roles in the Father's kingdom. It is our goal to share God's love with all children, from our littlest ones in the nursery to our Youth.  We strive to make Trinity a safe and nurturing Christian environment where children feel loved.  We encourage all parents, grandparents and anyone with a heart for children to be a part of the Children's Ministries at Trinity.

The mission of Trinity United Methodist Church is to make disciples by Loving God and all people, Learning God's will and ways, and Living for Christ in the world.  Through our Crosswalk Children's Ministry, we give children opportunities to show God's love to others, learn about God's love for them and to learn how to follow Jesus in their daily lives.


Allison Pettigrew
Director of Children's Ministries
(864) 224-2531