Children in Church

Children in Worship
     Trinity loves to have kids in worship! We believe it is extremely important and special for children to worship with their families.  Our children are a special part of the Trinity family and are encouraged to attend all of the worship services.  Worship bulletins and bags are available for children attending  worship services.  They are available at the entrance to the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.

Tips for Having Your Children Worship With You
1. Sit near the front. It's hard to see from the middle or the back of the congregation when you're little! Children like to see what is going on at all points during the service, so sitting where their view is obstructed creates extra wiggles.  A front row seat helps keep everyone more engaged.
2. Don't hesitate to quietly explain what is happening in the service!  Children learn by questioning.  If your young one doesn't understand why the Pastor is passing out bread and grape juice or wonders how everyone memorized the same prayer, take the time to quietly teach them about it. 
3. Help children follow along in the hymnal, on the screen, or in the bulletin.  It can be hard for beginning readers to keep up, but your child will appreciate feeling like (s)he is actively taking part in the service.
4. If you feel like the wiggles are taking over, feel free to walk out.  Visit the water fountain, let your child stretch their legs in the hall, and when you feel ready, please rejoin us!  You and your child help make our church a home and we are excited for you to be there!