Costa Rica Mission Team

Trinity's 2017 UMVIM Mission Trip to Costa Rica was our fourth mission trip. A team of twenty-five, composed of members from five different churches served in the community of Santa Rosa de Pocosol. The Santa Rosa Church is a four-church charge.  Vacation Bible School and women's ministries were held at El Plomo Church, Santa Maria Church, San Bosco Church and Santa Rosa Church.  Construction projects included installing a fence around the Santa Maria Church and building a kitchen for the San Bosco Church, and working on the parsonage roof at the Santa Rosa church (and finding a family of iguanas living in their attic).

Construction in Costa Rica is mostly done by manpower.  Equipment is not available to do work that we are used to having here in the states.  The men built a partial concrete block wall to match the three partial walls that were already in place for the kitchen at San Bosco.  Roof supports do not come pre-assembled and metal frames were welded together.  Side metal bars were connected to the concrete wall and the roof supports were attached to them.  Concrete is mixed on the ground and if fortunate, also with a cement mixer if one can be found.  The floor was poured with cement.

A few fence posts were already in when we arrived at Santa Maria, but had to be secured with a trench and concrete blocks and rebar along the bottom and welded with cross bars on the top before the fencing could be added.   Gates were added to the fenced entrances at the side and front of the church.  Rebar was cut with hand pliers, holes dug manually with post hole diggers, trenches dug with shovels.  It took five to eight men to stretch and secure the fencing..

El Plomo church at which we did VBS and women's ministry had wood planks for walls.  When inside you could see the light shining through them in between them.  Their fellowship hall and kitchen consisted of a concrete slab with a roof, one partial wall on one side.  The stove was a solid concrete square about four feet wide and six feet long.  On one end was a hole in which wood was placed for the fire.  On top skillets were placed for cooking. At the end of our session, they fixed us chicken mix wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Our VBS theme was a selection of Bible stories - the call of the Disciples, the Good Samaritan, Zaccheus, the Lost Sheep, the feeding of the 5,000.  God calls us, forgives us, reaches out to us, provides for us, and is a neighbor.

The women's ministries offered craft skills that taught them how to make things they could sell to supplement their income - book pen holders, snap bowls, clay jewelry, and bowl lid covers were a few of the items they made.

Our 2018 trip is  January 13-21.  Sign ups for that trip are now in process.  We will be staying at the Central Rural Methodist Center and working in Quesada.