The Calm

The Calm

This past Saturday I was working out in the was still hot and humid but there was a pretty good breeze blowing.  Taking a break, I sat and watched the clouds and was so intrigued by them that I got one of my movie cameras and set it up on the deck.  I watched the clouds and the leaves of the trees as the winds moved them around.  I noticed that there was more than one layer of clouds.

 In a meeting Monday evening, I shared that experience with those present, and because the wind was blowing fairly constantly, I asked them which layer of clouds they thought were moving the fastest - those closest to us or those further away.  The first two responses were quick - the ones "higher up," they said.  Then one said, "well, I'm gonna go with the ones closest to us."  And another said, to cover all the bases, "the ones in the middle."  In this case, someone was going to be right.

 It was the clouds closest to us that were moving the fastest and they tended to obscure those layers of clouds behind them and higher in the sky.  The ones farther out appeared not to be moving at all, at least not to the naked eye.  Even the video of them showed them staying in one place.  And I thought to myself, what is moving so close to me that I cannot see the calm beyond it?

 What is it that is blocking my vision or that changes my focus?  It's just like Peter when he took his eyes off of Jesus and started looking at the winds and the waves around him.

 Maybe it's the cloud of fear or the cloud of busy-ness, the cloud of uncertainty or the cloud of unfulfilled expectations, the cloud of disappointment or the cloud of regret....or, fill in the blank...the cloud of________________.

 Our spiritual journeys are different; we may be facing those clouds or we may be surrounded by them.  One thing I know, the winds of God's peace and love will move those clouds out of the way.

 May we look beyond to see and experience the calm behind it; may we see and experience the calm within us, that only God can give.  May you find that calm today and in the days ahead.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.