There's an App for That...

There's An App for That...

     When phones came out with the capability for texting and email, I said...I don't think I would need that...I don't think I would use it much.  LOL (and if you don't know what that means, in texting it is short for Lots of Laughs.)  While I still prefer to talk to someone in person or on the phone, I guess 80% of communication with others comes through a text or email.  My, how times have changed within the last ten to fifteen years.  Just when I get a handle on how to use one part of my phone, my Ipad, or my computer, companies are issuing new devices and a myriad of applications for each one faster than I can even read about them, let alone understand what each one does and determine if I even need it.

     What it boils down to is that for me to know what to choose to use, I usually learn it from someone else who has already used it.  Perhaps they have experimented with several different ones and have learned the pros and cons of each one.  It is kind of like a "hand-me-down" of another kind.  Some may have been well used; others may still be like new. 

     There are many apps which perform many tasks and do connect people in different ways, and in some cases those ways are better than not connecting with others at all.  The "hand-me-down" might hold a special sentiment but even so it is not the original; it is not new.  New apps are being invented every single day.  They may cost us time or energy, or they may save us time and energy.  They may overwhelm us and our work or they may help simplify our work. 

     I am not sure how these thoughts came together, (and though the thought may be stretched a little), but there's one app(application) for everyone...the app of love.  Jesus showed us how to apply it, how to share it, how to be it.  For those experiencing it for the first time, it may be new to them.  For others it might be that "hand-me-down" that is passed on.  As He abided in God and God in Him, we too can dwell in Him and reflect that love to others.  We are not responsible for how it is received, but we are responsible to continue to share it with all we meet. 

     John 15:9 says, "As the Father has love me, so have I loved you.  Abide in my love."

     God loved us first, redeemed us by dying on the cross, and conquered death when He rose from the dead.  How great is His love?  Perhaps the greatest app of all time.

     As He showed His love for us, may we apply His love in all we say and do.  May we reach out with His love to everyone.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.