Time to Reboot

Time to Reboot

     Sometimes these are words that I just don’t like to see.  Other times they are written differently as in “time to restart” your computer that is.  You are informed that the updates to your software program or operating system will not take effect until your computer is shut down and restarted.  Reboot your system?  Restart now?  Restart later?  Remind me to do it at a later time?  Please, I just want to finish the document I am working on.

     Updates – most of us like updates.  To get an update means that someone is keeping us in the loop.  But updates on our computers tend to interfere with the work we are trying to accomplish.  They are looked at more with frustration and as an interruption than as something that is welcomed or considered a benefit.  Looking deeper, however, we may not see what those updates accomplish.  They might make our software program run a little easier or faster.  They might remove any bugs that have been causing glitches in our operating systems or even better, they might be preventing problems that we did not even know were possible.

     There is a lot about computers and their programs that I don’t know.  There are others that I have to rely on for their knowledge and expertise to make these machines do the things that I would like for them to do.  I am reminded of Proverbs 3:5-6:

 5Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.  6In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your own paths.”

      Stay with me now in this next part…as we go back to creation in Genesis.  God did not create everything all at once…He did have a plan.  It’s like each day His plan was to update what He did the day before whether it was going another step beyond what He had already done or adding something different to it, and the result was that it was always good.  His final update to His creation was for Him to rest. 

     Perhaps because of our own limited way of understanding, we don’t see what is going on behind the scenes of our lives.  God is with us during the glitches and He is ahead of us, preparing to update our lives.  We may prefer that He not reboot us now and we may want to remind Him that a later time would be better, so we think.  If we trust in Him, however, with all our hearts, the updates He has planned for us will take effect and we may not even notice.  Yet He loves us, is with us and gives us what we need to get through those parts of life that we think are interfering with or interrupting our plans.

     What has God planted in life that is taking effect now?  What interference or interruptions might one look at as simply an opportunity for Him to work an update in us?

     May we take the time to shut down and be restarted, so that we can rest and see Him at work each and every day.  May we remember that the updates take effect when we are in touch with Him.  May we remember to understand that we cannot see all that He is doing in our lives behind the scenes preparing us for the days ahead.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen