Where Does God Find You

Where Does God Find You?

Working at the church, I occasionally find myself in rooms of the building all alone.  Many times I don’t think much about it; I go into the kitchen, grab some ice and keep going.  I go down to the basement for various Preschool supplies; I like to turn on music down there because it's a bit creepy.  The other day I found myself in the sanctuary.  I went up to the balcony to set up the sound system and was walking back down the center aisle.  I looked up at the cross and stopped.  I knew that I was not alone, God was in that place with me.

I know that God is always with us.  As we move into the Christmas season we revisit the beloved story of Jesus’ birth.  Part of the prophecy is repeated in Matthew 1:23, “Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.”  Even the name reminds us that God is there all the time.  There have been many times that I have sought God out and God is always there waiting for me.  But this day, God found me.  As I came down that aisle, God made God’s self known and all I could do was stop and just be there in God’s presence.  No words, just God showing up to remind me that God is there and bigger than anything else that crosses my path.

 When I need to spend time with God, I usually head outside.  That is where I seem to find God.  There is something about sitting outside that slows me down to be ready to meet with God.  When God finds me though, it is in strange and unexpected places and at unexpected times…car line, the shower, even in the middle of a conference.  I know when I need to spend time with God and I set aside time each day for that prayer time but sometimes God tells me that that is not enough.  God finds me and calls me to be with God then and there.  Henri Nouwen calls prayer “wasting time with God.”  When God finds me, that is what we do, waste time together, no agenda, no list of petitions, just time in the presence of my Lord.  It may be wasting time with God, but it is never time wasted.

 Maybe God has found you in a similar manner.  I know that I am not special or singled out in this, the only part I can claim is that I try to be aware.  I try to be open and ready for God to make God’s presence known and be willing to stop and be in God’s presence.   God is with us, Emmanuel has come.  As we look to the Advent season open your eyes and your hearts for where God may be looking for you.