Which Way Are You Leaning

Which Way Are You Leaning?

Have you ever noticed the rose bushes in the courtyard at the church?  From the parking lot, they are beautiful and full of blooms and color.

 One day I had some time waiting on someone to come and I was standing in that little hallway just outside the office and workroom.  As I waited, I looked out at the bushes, and thought, "Hmmm, the view from that side is quite different."

 As I pondered what I was seeing, it was so obvious that the bushes were all leaning toward the parking lot.  Not a single bush was even straight or balanced or leaning back toward the wall of the church at all.  All you saw on the back side of the bushes were the long branches and stems and the dirt in which they were planted.

 The reason they were all leaning toward the parking lot is because that is where the sun was for most of the day.  The church building blocked the sun until it rose enough to get over the building, so they did not get most of the sun until noon or later.  As the sun moved westward beyond the parking lot, the roses were drawn toward it.

 It made me think...what is it that blocks my view of the Son?  Do I wait until He comes into view or do I seek to remove those things in my life which keep me from seeking Him?  And if He does go where I cannot follow or where I lose sight of Him, do I lean toward where I last saw Him and am I eager to search for Him until I see Him again?

 I know sometimes I don't see Him because I have not looked for Him...perhaps I don't expect to find Him in the eyes of a stranger or in the midst of my busied schedule or a task I deem unworthy of Him.  Perhaps the view is blocked by too many activities in which I am doing things but maybe not getting the right things done.

 What is your view?  What is keeping you from seeing Jesus?  Which way are you leaning?

 May we see beyond any obstacle that keeps us from seeing Jesus.  May we find balance in Him each and every day.  May I recognize Him when He interrupts me in my busy-ness and calls me to lean toward and on Him.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.